Kent State Girl Destroys Frat House With A Bunch Of Paint

Ah, college, so many memories of staying up late, rushing to class late, loads of parties and a girl who is walking around looking like she’s just been dipped into a bucket of paint. Well, that last part isn’t as common.

Anna Hauser, and we are going to assume a ton of liquor was involved, showed up at the Sigma Chi house at Kent State this past weekend, and she for some reason was covered in fresh paint. And oh yeah, she put it all over their poor fraternity house. Check out the video below thanks to Jake DeScenna:

Anna even got her own hashtag:

Of course we are all wondering just how the hell Anna did this to herself. And here’s an explanation from Anna’s own mouth:

Classic Anna.

And don’t worry, the fellas have a GoFundMe to help reel in cash to clean up their house.

h/t Bro Bible

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