The Internet's Most Hilarious Reactions To Apple's New Wireless Heaphones

Apple has once again introduced something new that we all hate but will still lineup to get because we are mindless sheep. The product this time around? Wireless headphones.

Apple presented AirPods to the world at the company’s annual San Francisco keynote. And what are Airpods? They are wireless headphone that will be able to be used with the new iPhone 7, since that phone will not have a headphone jack. And to make matters worse these headphones will cost you $159. New iPhones will also come with a lightning-to-mini phone adapter.

Folks on the internet were obviously not happy about this at all, as they took it to Twitter to voice their opinions from everything to the headphones, to not having a jack anymore, to how easy it will be to lose these new headphones. Check out the most hilarious reactions below.

h/t Entertainment Weekly

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